Our Board

Mesa Media Founders

  • Ferrell Secakuku Ferrell Secakuku Co-founder A fluent speaker of the Hopi language, Ferrell Secakuku co-founded Mesa Media in 2004. He earned his M.S. degree in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University at the age of 69. His thesis explored the similarities between the Snake Society at Hopi and MesoAmerican snake ceremonies. Ferrell was involved in many efforts to preserve Hopi culture. He served for many years as a cultural consultant for the Smithsonian Museum. He composed the music for the songs on Mesa Media’s learning CDs and wrote all of the songs for the Living Through Hopi Songs CD. He coordinated the Supawlavi Village Peach Orchard Restoration Project, which seeks to reunite Hopi people with agricultural practices associated with springs. During his four-year term as Tribal Chairman, Ferrell helped conclude the Hopi-Navajo land dispute and acquired $30 million for the Hopi Health Care Center. Ferrell was a true leader in both the modern business world and as an active member in ceremonies at Supawlavi Village (Second Mesa). In July 2007, Ferrell passed away after several months of illness, but his vision to provide opportunities for Hopi people lives on.

Executive Board of Directors

  • Loretta Goldtooth Loretta Goldtooth Vice President Cultural scholar Loretta Goldtooth first got involved with Mesa Media two years ago. Her son took Anita’s Hopi language class in high school. Loretta can understand Hopi and she knows some vocabulary. She was not taught Hopi as a child, so she is now working on her fluency by building her conversational skills. Loretta is from the village of Munqapi, and is a single mother with five boys. Mesa Media is extremely important in her life.    

Advisory Board

Mesa Media’s Advisory Board provides a forum for knowledgeable Hopi community members to offer their perspective on our projects and organizational goals. Many of our learning materials were developed directly from ideas and needs brought to us directly by Hopi people.

Hopi advisory board members review and advise on Mesa Media’s educational resources, their cultural appropriateness and their ability to meet the needs of the Hopi people. We involve Hopi board members from a variety of villages on all three Hopi Mesas. Each mesa has its own dialect, with its own nuances, yet each is rooted in the basics of the Hopi language. Therefore, each Hopi individual is diverse in their understanding of the language but also in their teachings from the village, clan, religious society, and relatives.

  • Edna Komalestewa Cultural scholar Edna Komalestewa is a fluent speaker and a member of the Sand Clan. She is from Sitsom’ovi and is very active in the elderly and youth programs at the village. She encourages her children and grandchildren to speak Hopi and carry on Hopi traditions.

Past Board Members

Mesa Media honors our past board members for their service and dedication to revitalizing the Hopi language.

  • Jim McCormack Jim McCormack Jim McCormack served as the Treasurer and Media Specialist for 6 years. Jim lived on the Hopi Reservation for over 10 years where he worked as a media specialist for a local ministry. Jim passed away in 2013. Eskwelí Jim for all you contributed.